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Welcome To Royale Privè

We are the finest elite upscale executive service provider of luxury upmarket escorts and exclusive VIP high class fantasy model escort companions located in Sandton, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

All our exclusive VIP upmarket elite escorts and high class model escort companions have a model deportment that meet a minimum selection criteria of young, gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, sophisticated and elegant with a fashion sense of dress and style.

As an exclusive executive service provider of the finest VIP model escorts and high class escort companions, we absolutely do not subscribe to any “bait and switch” practices of dishonesty where the lady that arrives at your door (probably dressed like a stripper) is a far cry than what was expected and agreed upon. Quite simply put, we are a high end executive service and invest a lot of honesty towards future patronage and would never insult your intelligence!

We are an Executive Decision!

Best Upmarket Exclusive Elite Model Escorts


Your privacy and anonymity  is equally important to us as that of our VIP escorts and elite companions. We absolutely under no circumstances whatsoever, share, disseminate or store personal information and details! All communication is treated with the utmost confidentiality and we will never compromise our integrity and betray the trust you invested in us. Our executive service is without exception commensurate with integrity, confidentiality and the values of honesty and trust between all parties!

Indulge the finer side of life. You’re worth it!

Our service is a select luxury and elite model girlfriend and VIP model escort companion fantasy experience by advance notice and pre-booked appointments only. None of our ladies are professional 24/7 call girl escorts waiting on standby at a moments notice!  As such, we do not provide for the immediacy of an immediate on the hour escort call girl service! Kindly allow us time to facilitate a dream date booking with your fantasy VIP model escort companion.

For more information on Royale Privè please see our About Us page.

Some Of Our VIP High Class Model Escorts

Sandton VIP Models

Busty gorgeous young executive models available for that fantasy date.

Flavia Sandton

Hot blooded passionate Senorita –Una Mujer Muy Caliente! VIP Model escort Companion

Thania Sandton

Sensational Luxury Executive Student

Indian Mel in Sandton

VIP Elite Indian Sandton Model Escort Companion.

Sandton VIP Model Escort Elite Companions

Honesty is an expensive gift. Do not expect it from cheap people.

Aside from the generic images that appear on this website, ALL the ladies that appear in our Gallery as VIP Model Escorts and Elite Companions are vetted in a face to face meeting. This to firstly establish they are the real deal and then to assess their suitability in meeting a stringent selection criteria of “Sophisticated, elegant, Model looking” which in almost every case precludes mainstream professional escorts from even qualifying for our pages! This to at least meet a minimum requirement of authenticity that will hopefully shoot the doubting Thomas’ down in a fusillade of transparent honesty!

Ultimately the REAL proof is not in the pudding but the eating (to pardon the choice of words). Our guarantee to you is that if you are in any way not entirely satisfied with your selection, we will either arrange another companion or reimburse any and all monies already paid.

We do NOT under ANY circumstances participate or collude in ANY bait and switch scams.


Standard Model Rate Card Prices Starting R5500 an hour on a declining rate scale for longer, extended bookings.

Job Opportunities

A financial stop gap solution for young students and ladies with a Model looking deportment. Employment Vacancies for suitable applicants.


The content of this website forum is private, privileged and confidential and the violation of our personal privacy is legally binding and punishable.

Exclusive Upmarket High Class Elite Escorts VIP Companions


Exclusive Upmarket High Class Elite Escorts VIP Companions

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