Lifestyle Of The High Class VIP Elite Model Escort Companion

Being a High Class VIP Escort Companion does have its perks!

Sex Trafficking Myth Debunked

Let’s begin by debunking a common myth of what it’s truly like working as a High Class Elite VIP Model Escort Companion. The first and obvious concern by many young ladies interested in being a part of the jetset escort lifestyle with fist fulls of easy money, is the high incidence of human trafficking in an illicit trade that is worth $150 Billion globally!

The sex trafficking industry is unfortunately a growing and very lucrative industry for predators that prey on the vulnerable. To allay fears it must however be put in perspective with the facts and not urban rumour.

By far the majority of women being trafficked are from poor communities worldwide and their desperation to escape the conditions of abject poverty they find themselves in make their vulnerabilities susceptible to the smooth talking promises of fake employment agents with their own seedy agendas. The reality is that generally women that do not share the same vulnerabilities and with far more resources at their disposal are less likely to find themselves in this situation of entrapment. Logically and factually speaking (with very few exceptions), women with resources and a good support network of friends and family do not find themselves trafficked into a life of sexual slavery and servitude.

A Lavish Lifestyle.

Luxurious hotels and fine dining are just some of the perks. Imagine being paid to stay in an Executive Suite for a few days and dining in the finest restaurants? Flying off to exotic island destinations and world class cities? It’s no small matter that the connections some VIP Model Escorts make in the profession opens doors for them in ways few other professions can. Remember, the type of clients generally using this type of service are very well connected, influential and wealthy individuals with good spend. Many VIP Model Escorts also build up an exclusive client base of regulars that spoil them and have no need to service the many one hour “hit and run”  business professionals.

VIP Escort Companion Lifestyle

Financial Independence.

The lifestyle of the VIP Model Escort Companion is first and foremost measured by her financial independence. It cannot be argued that the earnings of a VIP Model Escort Companion are in no small part “blood money” but then that’s why she earns the BIG bucks, most often cash and tax free!To put it into context and its definitely worth a mention. The typical away travel booking and date with a VIP Model Escort Companion is exactly that, a travel companion date and contrary to belief in some ignorant circles, it’s not a booking confined to a hotel bedroom for a 24/7 sex fest. Given the little amount of intimacy involved, the remuneration makes it definitely worth her while and she’s never behind on the rent payments on her executive apartment nor the flash sports car she drives. Student loan? What student loan?

Sexual Variety Can Be Sexually Liberating.

Being a high class VIP Model Escort Companion often offers the variety of a different day and a different experience. Working in the top tier of the escorting business is many things but never dull and boring. In many ways variety can be the spice of life with the very obvious financial benefits and the VIP Escort gets to experience a whole host of sensual experiences.

Above all, if you have a desire to express yourself sexually, be dominant or submissive, or simply drown in male attention, being a high class VIP Escort is most definitely a very liberating experience. If you have low self esteem, or like a lot of women out there don’t consider yourself sexy or model good looking (when in fact you are gorgeous), being a VIP Escort will empower you in ways you never dreamt possible!