Rates VIP Elite Premium Upmarket High Class Model Escorts 

Rate Card VIP Elite High Class Model Escort Companions

Rates. No Hidden Fees.

VIP Model Escorts High Class Elite Companions

*Rates for our VIP Elite Model Escort Companions are typical universal standard model rate card prices starting at R5500 per hour inclusive of services. There are no hidden fees. Additional hours and extended bookings are on a sliding rate scale and have already been discounted. A small transport consideration for travel, subject to distance to and from your location may be required and is for your account.

Kindly note that where travel time to and from your location exceeds that of a minimum 1 hour booking because distance falls outside of 50km, you may be obliged to consider a minimum 2 hour booking to make the ladies’ travel worth her while.

Extended Bookings and Travel Packages.

So you want to bask in the company of one of our VIP Elite Model Escort Companions for a short vacation, shopping or business trip locally or abroad. For extended bookings and local or international away travel packages we are mindful of the subsistence, travel and accommodation costs you will incur and we can possibly negotiate an equitable rate on behalf and together with the VIP High Class Escort Companion of your choice.

However, please appreciate and understand that any decision for a travel booking by any one of our VIP Escort Companions is financially motivated and will not be a gratis consideration in exchange for the travel opportunity. A negotiated financial remuneration package for her time will be expected.

Couples Bookings.

Because of the nature of the booking, it is suggested that a minimum 2 hours be considered as the first hour is usually an ice-breaker over drinks. Guys can get “into it” very easily but we ladies need a little more time to be eased into the mood – you know how we are :)


1 Hour R5500


2 Hours R8500

3 Hours R10 500

Thereafter R2500 An Hour

Overnight R25 000

For extended bookings typically involving travel days locally or internationally, a discounted rate you will find agreeable can be negotiated.

Kindly inquire about our excursion packages using our Contact Us page

Our Rates Explained.

Rates are the same as the standard model rate card prices you would be paying if you hired a professional model.

Yes, our rates are expensive but our ladies are premium quality looking “A Division Models” too and you get what you pay for.

No, we are not camel traders in an Arab bazaar and we do not negotiate rates. If you think we are too expensive then consider you simply cannot afford a luxury service and need to look elsewhere. Would you try negotiate the price of a Ferrari down to that of Toyota? Simply put. We are providers of an Exclusive Luxury Upscale service that would not normally be accessible and that, like the finer things in life, comes at a price.

Method Of Payment

Cash Is King

Cash is always the prefered means of payment for purposes of transparency between all parties. Payment can be paid directly to the lady BEFORE your booking commences.

Payment Forex

We accept payment in major foreign currency PROVIDED this is arranged in advance. We will advise the bank BUY exchange rate together with charges. Note the BUY rate that the bank is BUYING foreign exchange is different to market rate indices.

EFT Transfer

PROVIDED this method of transaction is pre-arranged in advance. Payment has to be an IMMEDIATE and INSTANT TRANSFER with the funds reflecting in our account before the booking commences. Royale Prive’ will not appear on your statement

Advance Payments

No we will never ask for an advance payment or deposit. Whereas this is “business unusual” it need not have the underlying seedy tones of a scam. Expect transparency and a bullet proof integrity from us at all times