VIP Elite Model Escort Companions Explained

What is a VIP MODEL ESCORT COMPANION and how are they any different from regular escorts in abundance on regular escort sites?

Elite Luxury VIP Fantasy Escort Companions

What is a VIP Escort Companion? Is she an adultress, a toy or a mistress (mistress as in between a Mister and a mattress)? What sets her apart from the girl you pick up at the bar for the price of a few drinks, your sisters best friend or a female colleague that shares your stapler? Is she any different from the prostitute that plies her trade on a dimly lit street corner?

In our experience we have an answer that sums it all up in one word. EXPECTATION! Why? Because there is none. A VIP Model Escort Companion does not expect you to be a good lover. She does not expect you to have all the right answers and say all the right things. No, because everything you are and everything you represent as a man and love is what she is all about. She will be concerned because you are concerned. But most of all, she will make you feel special and loved for whatever time your gratuity buys with her and that’s what sets her apart from others in the “flesh for sale” trade.

At the very core, this is what sets a VIP Elite Upmarket Escort apart from a whore. It’s not ONLY about sex but about seduction as well. Plain and simple. She is selective about whom she spends her time with and the criteria is that her clients tick a few of the prerequisite check boxes where good hygiene, sophistication, respect and affordability are expected.

A VIP Escort Companion is firstly a lady that exudes elegance and sophistication; is educated and can hold a conversation on almost anything. She is an absolute lady in the company of the client, his friends and associates. In the bedroom she knows how and when to take control and when to be taken. Her fingers are on the pulse of fantasy at all times because this is what she does. She sells a fantasy!

In other words an elite, high-class VIP Model Escort Companion goes beyond the backseat of your car in a dimly lit street alley into the corporate boardroom without blinking an eye. Now who wouldn’t want to be in the company of that?

Amanda Brooks, one of the most vocal supporters of the sex industry, a former escort herself and author of “The Escorts Handbook” offers many insights into the hardships and misconceptions escorts experience daily. Most believe that an escort is just a meatbag. You arrive, pay your fee and then screw her until you are satisfied and then go on your merry way. But this is not a VIP Escort Companion. That’s a prostitute! Prostitutes you will find on the street corners from Hillbrow to Point Road Durban. You will also find many prostitutes in the brothels scattered around Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban – you know the kind. Dark, dimly lit, smoke filled rooms with 20 girls huddled in a corner, hoping to hell you don’t make eye contact with them because they have ZERO say in who is going to pound them for the next hour.

Can you imagine being with a woman that is not only sexy but can turn you on where it counts most? Your imagination!! Add this to a woman that believes honesty and integrity are her strongest traits while wickedly confessing to having a good bedside manner, I think it’s easy to want what is the whole package in this woman.

Sexiness is subjective. Confidence, inner strength and a beauty from within that compliments any beauty on the outside is sexy. Men are very attracted to confident women but can also be very intimidated by overly confident women. One of the best traits a woman can have is to get men to be at ease, comfortable and to trust their vulnerabilities with her; Yes, men are often very sexually vulnerable. Every date comes with its own set of surprises, some pleasant and some nasty depending on who you are dealing with and what is asked and expected of you.

There is a misguided notion among many men that if they are paying for your time and services they get to do what they please because they own you for that time. This might be true for a sidewalk hooker but not an a VIP Model Escort Companion!